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SFS MegaKit
Mother May
by SFS Designers

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November 14, 2007


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

To Apply: email
Send name & email address
3 kit previews
Link to download 1 kit

Deadline: November 25, 2007
All applicants will notified by November 27, 2007


Purpose & Goals:
The purpose of this Element Team is to give new designers, whether just starting out or have been working on their designing a little while, a place to sharpen their designing skills in a store atmosphere.
The goals are to help these new designers become more familiar with being involved in a site’s team environment, working with deadlines and getting helpful information to better their craft. They will also be given constructive advice if there is an area that they can improve in. All for the purpose of having you join the Store as a Designer.

Length of Contract:
· The Element Team Member (from this point on known as ETM) is required to stay with for a minimum of 3 months. At that time, the ETM is free to choose to stay for another 3 months, may be invited to be a store designer, or move on altogether.

ETM Requirements:

Design a total of 4- 5 kits per 3 month terms as outlined below:

· Challenge Gifts - Each month the ETM will contribute to a collaborative kit(3 total kits per term), with a selected color theme. This kit is divided up and given out to the participants of our forum challenges that are held bi-weekly or weekly. Specific details will be given to those who are selected as Element Team Members when they join the team.

· Posting Milestone Bonus – This collaboration kit (1 kit per term), designed by all of the ETM’s, with selected color scheme. The kit will be given out as a freebie to our forum members who reach certain milestones in post count. Specific details will be given to those who are selected as Element Team Members when they join the team.

· ETM Contest Blog Freebie – This is the kit that each ETM will design individually (1 kit per term). It is the contest on our blog to determine who will be promoted to our Design Team. You can opt out of this contest if you don’t feel ready to move out of the Element Team yet. You are free to choose to stay on the Element Team until you are ready to submit a kit into this contest. Specific details will be given to those who are selected as Element Team Members when they join the team.


Blogger Kutnkudlys' Kreations said...

Good luck on your call!

November 14, 2007 at 5:50 PM  

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