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August 27, 2008

4 Day Sale of 44% OFF - Start Filling Your Carts!

Start filling up your shopping carts now!! We're having a big 4 day sale this weekend! Four days of your favorite products all at 44% off!!

And don't forget to stop by the forum and check out the latest challenges and chat topics!

Oh, and Chat tonight with Mega-Doodle Inspired! 10:00 - 11:00 PM EST. See ya there!



August 26, 2008

44% OFF, NEW Designer, and a Long Weekend Ahead

Mark your calendars!!! We're going to celebrate Labor Day all weekend long!

44% off All Products* in the store this Friday through Monday!! Yes, you heard me.... 44% OFF all Commercial Use, Hybrid, Actions, Scripts, Grab Bags, Team Kits, Albums, Quick Pages, Alphas, Brushes, Kits, Doodles, Element Packs, Overlays, Paper Packs, PS Styles, S4O, Stock Photos, and Templates!!

Make sure you stop by!! And... don't forget to check the forum for a very special Welcome Gift!!

We have a new designer!! Lucie of LucieB Designs! Check back Friday for her Designer Spotlight!

Also, our Webmaster has been very busy behind the scenes! Very soon we'll be sharing with you our Team Page which lists all our designers and their blogs!


- SFS Team

P.S. I hear SFS is looking for new designers! Keep your eyes peeled for the announcement!

*Sale does not include services or classes.

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August 16, 2008

$2.00 Weekend Coupon

Receive $2.00 off anything in the store on 16-17 August 2008. No restrictions! Grab Bags. Commercial Use. Mega Kits. S4H. Hybrid. You name it! You get it on sale!

Coupon Code: SFS4You!



August 6, 2008

Sponsoring Strictly Reveal & Designer's Deam CU Mega Kit

Store Sponsor
ScrappinFreestyle is the proud sponsor of Strictly Reveal! Strictly Reveal is a no-nonsense site designed to reveal grab bags without the drama! Check them out today and don't forget to grab their blinkie and our new one, too!!

Designers Dream Vol.3 - A Commercial Use Mega Kit

Sale Price: $9.38 <-- That's 50% OFF Get it Here

Don't forget to check out all the New Products for August!!


- SFS Team

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August 1, 2008

Fantastic Friday Sale, NEW Designer!!!, and a Freebie

OK Scrappers!! It's Fantastic Friday!! Get your purses and wallets out!! The entire store is on sale (minus grab bags, services, and classes of course).

And don't forget out Commercial Use Mega Kit and Personal Use Mega Kits are on sale, too!!

We'd also like to take this moment to announce our newest Designer to the Team!!

Meet Shilo!!

Designer: Shilo Schwab (Scrap by Shilo)

Check Out Her Store!
Commercial Use Templates
Blog URL:

1. How long have you been scrapping?
Since late May or early June. Not very long, I'm happy with how far I've gotten in that amount of time.

2. What software do you use?
I use Photoshop CS2 and occasionally PSP

3. Describe your scrapping style or work space?
My work space.. lol it's messy. I usually work from my computer in my room and I'm probably the messiest person ever. My room and desk are messy but I know where everything is. I never know where everything is if my room is clean. I keep telling my mom that when she tells me to clean my room but she doesn't get it lol. My scrapping style.. I'm not sure I really have one but with my latest kit I tried to get it more realistic. And I guess from now on I'll be going for that, I love the realistic look.

4. What are your scrap goals?
To keep improving and get to where I want to be as a designer. I have some favorite designers that always have that realistic look that I love, I'd love to be able to do what they do.

5. Tell us about yourself....
Well, my name is Shilo. It's pronounced Shy-low. I tell people my name and everyone says like that dog?! I'm 17 and I live in Indianapolis, Indiana. I plan on going to culinary school at the Art Institute of Indianapolis within the next year and hopefully becoming a chef. I haven't decided between culinary or baking and pastry yet but if I go with baking and pastry then I hope to eventually have my own bakery.

6. If you could meet 1 other digital designer, who would it be?
This is a tough one for me because there's 3 people that come to mind: Leaonna from Busy Scrappin, Kathy from Carolina Girls, and Jen from Jen Smith Designs. I think it'd be hard to choose just one. They've all been so nice to me and talked to me and helped me with things outside of scrapping. I'd love to meet all of them.

7. What's your favorite product that you have designed and why?
Probably my "Every Girl is a Princess" kit that I'm about to put into my stores today. I like it because it's the closest I've gotten to the realistic look I want. I'm not fully there yet but almost. I also love it because alot of the elements are unique and were made completely by me and I haven't seen anything like them before.

And here is a wonderful freebie from Shilo!

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