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May 12, 2008

Challenge Point System!

Scrappin Freestyle is offering a GREAT way to earn free products from the store just by participating in our challenges each month!

So what do these points mean?

You will be able to exchange your points for different gift certificates to purchase personal use products of your choice from the Scrappin' Freestyle store. You can turn your points in anytime after you've reached the first level, or you can hold onto them until you reach the highest level, at which time you will have to redeem your points for the $25 gift certificate. Then, you can start all over again to earn a new gift certificate!!

Prize Levels

0500 pts = $5 Gift Coupon
1000 pts = $10 Gift Coupon
1500 pts = $15 Gift Coupon
2000 pts = $20 Gift Coupon
2500 pts = $25 Gift Coupon

Want More?

If you complete half the challenges in a given month, currently 7, you will get a bonus of 50 pts at the end of the month.

If you complete ALL the challenges in a given month, currently 14, you will get a bonus of 100 pts at the end of the month.

Lets get started with those points to get some of your favorite kits in the store!



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