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July 23, 2008

Template Challenge @ SFS

Did you know we have a very fun and exciting Template Challenge at ScrappinFreestyle that runs twice a month?? That's twice the fun!

This is a picture of the 2nd July template.

RoseMcDigital supplies the templates and you make layouts with them! When in need of inspiration or just learning the ropes...templates are fantastic!

Templates aren't meant to be boundaries, but guidelines helping you form ideas of your own! Sometimes a blank canvas can be intimidating, we know!

Did you also know that for every challenge you complete at ScrappinFreestyle, you also earn points towards FREE gift certificates?? Sure do!

We also have EIGHT other challenges in the forum. Don't let the shear number of them overwhelm you! Jump on in there and take a peak!! Got a favorite challenge that you'd like to see at ScrappinFreestyle? Let us know in the forum and we'll see what we can do!!


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